Benefits of Rolfing

Dr. Ida P. Rolf received her Ph.D. in biochemistry from Columbia University in 1920 and was a leader in the field of fascial research. Throughout her life she explored many forms of healing.

Rolfing Structural Integration works via soft tissue manipulation, movement and education to shift habitual physical and perceptual patterns. New patterns and increased awareness reinforce structural changes, which in turn, expands opportunities for movement and increases potential for action. What follows is an emerging sense of ease, mobility and well-being.

Rolfing expedites recovery from injury by attending to both the injury and any compensatory strain patterns that may have developed. Rolfing is an outstanding modality for maintaining balance, range of motion and vitality throughout ones lifetime. Rolfing is beneficial for children and adults of all ages.

  • expedites recovery from injuries and surgery
  • effective for reducing systemic scoliosis patterns
  • addresses sciatica, plantar fasciitis and carpal tunnel syndrome
  • alleviates headaches, sleep disorders and TMJ symptoms
  • relieves back and neck pain
  • eases frozen shoulder and rotator cuff issues
  • creates stability and balance
  • increases self-awareness and physical and emotional adaptability
  • boosts physical energy, reduces stress and tension
  • enhances athletic performance
  • deepens a yoga practice
  • improves posture, provides ergonomic education
  • supports life transitions


Working with Gina has enhanced the flexibility and mobility I need to further my career as a dancer and movement instructor. She has even changed the way I breathe.

~ Devon Detweiler