There can be no lasting shift in psychology without a concurrent shift in physiology. ~ Ida P. Rolf

Somatic therapy is a journey of bringing forth that which lies waiting to emerge. What within you desires be lived, to rise up and be seen?

In these sessions we will go deeper along the path of self-awareness (interoception) and healing. We will consider narrative through verbal and 3- dimensional expression. Our bodies are an ever-changing expression of our identity. Our explorations may reveal protective postures, patterns and beliefs that are restricting your capacity to live fully. Frequently, it is the gift of discomfort that brings our attention to these questions, offering the opportunity to open and awaken new possibilities.

The fundamentals of Interpersonal Neurobiology, depth psychology and Rolfing Structural Integration are the foundation upon which these sessions are based. We may work with implicit and explicit memories, dreams, breath, mandala, tarot, astrology, the social mask, archetypes, chakras, mantra, poetry and your personal mythology.

Sensations, images and memories are access routes on the path of self-study. Awareness of present bodily sensation is a key to opening the door between the unconscious and the conscious. A coherent inner life arises from an experience of congruent embodiment. Awareness becomes a resource that allows us to realize our full potential.

I came for the physical benefits but the psychological benefits have been equally amazing.

~ Joan H.