Body and psyche are not separate entities, but one and the same life. ~ C.G. Jung

The body is a file cabinet for experiences. All experiences, our relationships, everything that feeds into our senses, registers in the cells and tissues of our bodies. We adopt certain postures and perceptions of the world based on the accumulation of those stored experiences. We get used to being a certain way, never opening those files.

Throughout our work together we will turn a gentle focus of attention inward as a means of opening those files. You are invited to begin a self-reflective journal to explore the attitudes, images and events that have influenced your relationship to your body and quite possibly shaped your body. Many of us have stories that have been handed down to us since before we were born. These stories are force fields of energy. Allow yourself to become curious about your memories and to follow this curiosity as though your true vocation was knowing yourself and being yourself.

As we witness our stories with compassion we shed light into the darkness while deepening our self-understanding. Your self-reflective journal is a step on the path of observing and reshaping the stories that influence how you perceive the world and your place in it.

Give yourself time to collect as many memories as you can.

Possible topics:

  • the story of your birth, pre-birth, health, thoughts and activities of your mother
  • your earliest movement memory, earliest kinesthetic sensation you remember
  • environment where you lived, mountains, plains, forests, oceans, cities all affect how we move, how we perceive
  • family environment, physical, feeling tone, siblings, generational differences in attitudes about the body
  • cultural attitudes about the body
  • comments you heard about yourself or others which shaped your body image
  • attitudes towards touch, sensuality, sexuality, gender, race
  • practices, meditation, sports, music
  • traumas, injuries, illness, surgeries
  • your families relationship to food, mealtimes, diet and nutrition, digestive issues, your relationship to food, weight
  • anything else that interests you